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To Pack or not to Pack, a dog walking question

Is not unusual in NYC or any other big city to see a dog walker with a pack of dogs walking around town. I immediately get a bunch of  mix feelings and questions.

As much as I enjoy going out for a walk with friends, does my dog want to be be walked with other fellas?.

I assume that most dogs know each other, since most dog walkers have the same clients but is still somehow troublesome for me. A big red flag goes up when I see that it is only ONE person handling the pack since at some point the dogs have to be left unattended in order to deliver and/or pick up another client. Leaving a dogs unattended  at any time is a no no, imagine leaving a pack tided up to a fence. All of that is unacceptable in my book. When I see that the pack is being handled by two dog walkers that fear despair since there is always a pair of eyes checking on the dogs.

Back to me, (my favorite topic). When I go for a walk with friends, I usually get annoyed if someone in my “Pack” is slowing us down due to a very entertaining text message trend or just because he decided to walk slow and smell the flowers.

Lots of communal dog walks include dogs of different size, and they definitely have different body function schedules, forcing the whole pack to stop every few steps spending most of the  time standing than walking, and that is a problem if the reason to have your dog walked is to be sure he gets a healthy dose of exercise.

What is your take on dog walking services?