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CBD Treats for Pets

What’s trending in pets review this week…

42D1CF46-A3B8-4D61-877A-A168DB70C449While trying to age gratefully, my dog Tito, and myself, are constantly searching of new natural products that will help us keep active and healthy.

A year ago I was diagnosed with cancer, and while going trough radiation and chemo I start searching for products that will help me deal with the aches and pains of the treatment. I was then introduce to CBD supplements. I was amazed of the great results.

Like the old say indicates, when it rains, it pours! and Tito’s health suddenly took a quick turn to the worst, his arthritis made it hard for him to run up the stairs and his trachea was acting up.

Researching for  a natural alternative to pain killers and sedatives to control his pain and anxiety I discovered TREATIBLES, they contain a blend of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids derived from American-grown medicinal grade hemp.

I wish I would had recorded the difference that it made. In just a couple of days, I could see the difference in Titos attitude, he started going up and down the stairs and the cough pretty much was gone ( since he wasn’t freaking out when he cough). At that point, I decided to approach that TREATIBLES team and learn more about their products.

As a dog groomer, I know how important in the final result it is to have a calm dog to work on so I immediately started recommending TREATIBLES to my grooming clients and WOW, just WOW, writhing a couple of grooming sessions I could easily see the difference .

If you want to order visit their website
and use the code PLANETJORGE for an extra 10% discount.

Till next review

xox Jorge and Tito